Email Security Products

Product Name


AssureMail (Entegrity Solutions)

A comprehensive, secure e-mail solution which enhances business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce by enabling policy-based e-mail security in mixed e-mail application environments. Based on public key infrastructure (PKI) standards, Entegrity AssureMail provides strong encryption, digital signatures, bilateral authentication, and non-repudiation. Entegrity AssureMail can be rapidly deployed within enterprise intranets and extranets, with minimal impact on information processes.

CeloCom Mail (Celo Communications)

Enables secure email communication over unsecured networks. Standardized transfer protocols (S/MIME), strong cryptographic procedures (RSA/Triple DES), user certificates (X.509 v3) and digital signatures are the basic components. As a basic infrastructure, CeloCom Mail uses any X.500 directory. User certificates are stored in the directory and are retrieved by CeloCom Mail for email encryption. This process is transparent to the user.

CertifiedMail (CertifiedMail) offers secure, trackable e-mail for individuals and small groups through its ASP website, for small groups through its CertifiedMail Appliance, and for large enterprises through its fault tolerant CertifiedMail Server. Automated secure e-mail is provided via an XML interface. No special software is required of senders or recipients. A "Send Certified" button is also available, providing one click security and convenience from within Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

CommandView Message Inspector (Elron Software)

Content security solution for e-mail, FTP and newsgroup messages. With CommandView Message Inspector, you can easily manage, filter and if necessary block company communications made through e-mail, newsgroup and FTP sites.

Consus Secure Email Gateway (Viasec)

Secure e-mail gateway that protects and secures e-mail sent outside of the local network via the Internet. Consus encrypts e-mail messages using strong encryption algorithms (up to triple DES) to protect the message from unauthorized reading. Consus also authenticates each e-mail with a digital signature.

Disappearing Email (Disappearing Inc.)

Encrypted email. User specifies an expiration period after which decryption keys are permanantly deleted and message can no longer be retrieved.

Encryption Plus for Email (PC Guardian)

Email plug-in that allows users to quickly enable/disable encryption of outgoing messages through Microsoft® Outlook and Lotus® Notes.

Entrust/Express (Entrust Technologies)

Enables users to encrypt and digitally sign e-mail using a variety of clients - Microsoft® Exchange™ and Microsoft Outlook™, QUALCOMM® Eudora Pro® and, coming soon, Lotus® Notes™.

Entrust/Unity (Entrust Technologies)

Enables Microsoft® and Netscape® browser and e-mail users to take advantage of Entrust managed PKI for secure Web browsing, e-mail and code signing.

ESKE (Danu Industries)

Email with Secure Key Exchange. A secure email client allowing users to communicate with total security over the Internet or any other open network. ESKE can be used: To send encrypted email and attachments within a corporate network or VPN. To provide non-repudiation by digitally signing messages. To allow secure workgroups to communicate confidentially using an unsecured network infrastructure.

ExpressMail (ExpressMail)

A fast 32-bit Internet mail client for Windows which works with any Internet mail server or Internet e-mail account.

FileSecure (Baltimore Technologies)

Cryptographic security for fast system level projects. FileSecure is a building block for integration projects. It acts as an automated, high-performance, process or 'robot'. FileSecure takes all incoming objects, which may be presented as files or email, secures them, and then presents them either to be sent out, collected or stored. Using industry-standard S/MIME and full-strength cryptography, FileSecure can sign and optionally encrypt objects, check signatures and decrypt, or just pass objects through untouched. FileSecure can handle multiple attachments in incoming and outgoing email.

GoSecure! for Microsoft Exchange (Verisign)

Microsoft Exchange email security.

GroupShield Exchange (McAfee)

Virus protection for Microsoft Exchange environments.

GroupShield Lotus Notes (McAfee)

Virus protection for Lotus Notes environments.

HushMail (Hush Communications)

Free online encrypted email service.

Interosa Mail (Interosa)

A scalable, secure, easy-to-support complement to your email infrastructure, protecting the confidentiality of business communication while preserving the performance of your mail server. Interosa Policies allow CIOs and senders to specify who can open an email message, when they can open it and what they can do with the content when it is opened. InterosaMail enables senders to apply one or more of the following policies to their email messages: Expiration Date — allows the sender to specify a date and time when a message cannot be opened – affecting every copy ever sent, forwarded or archived. Read-Only — disables the recipient’s ability to cut, copy, print and use the print screen feature, preventing the common ways by which messages end up in the hands of unintended recipients. Password Protection — allows the sender to set a password that the recipient must enter to open the message. Recipients lacking the password cannot open the email.
Business Domain Control — keeps internal mail internal. Recipients can only open messages if they can authenticate to the specified business domain and are authorized to access the message.

InvisiMail Deluxe (Invisimail International)

Protection and security for home or small business users against the dangers posed by Internet email. InvisiMail automatically encrypts and decrypts your e-mail with worldwide strong (607-1279bit) encryption. The entire process is transparent and performed in the background. You do not need to know anything about encryption to use it. InvisiMail Deluxe adds effective Anti Spam features which allows the identification, quarantine or banning of Spam mail and advanced "Recursive" Anti viral scanning of emails, which is able to look within email messages and compressed archive attachments such as ZipTM files to identify possible virus threats before they infect your system.

InvisiMail Enterprise (Invisimail International)

Email security, digital signatures and content control.

InvisiMail Lite (Invisimail International)

Freeware version of the InvisiMail product.

InvisiMail Pro (Invisimail International)

A networkable e-mail content security and desktop security application that integrates with users' existing e-mail clients to provide transparent, behind-the-scenes security. Easy to install and configure, InvisiMail provides Policy based Management Control over home user or small business e-mail communications.

Jaws Xmail (Jaws Technologies)

Email encryption software product that addresses the vulnerabilities of insecure email transactions. The JAWS XMAIL solution is a combination of strong encryption technology integrated with enhanced certificate management to create secure email transactions.

MailFirewall (CipherTrust)

The CipherTrust MailFirewall product family is designed to enhance the security of your message server. Without any changes to your current Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, or other mail server, you can protect your e-mail and your e-mail server from Internet snooping and hacking.

MailMarshal (Marshal Software)

An email content security and control product. Provides email content filtering. Logically, it behaves as a gateway between an organization and the Internet. MailMarshal controls the type of email content that can be sent and received. It can control the movement of commercially sensitive data, give legal liability protection, block junk mail, eliminate inappropriate use, and enable virus scanning, message logging and management reporting. MailMarshal is server-based and runs on either NT Server or NT Workstation.

MailSafe Email System (MailSafe)

Commercial online encrypted email service.

MailSecure (Baltimore Technologies)

Enables a full set of security functions to be added to email systems. These functions include: Confidentiality - provided by the use of 128bit DES strong encryption; integrity - provided by the use of Digital Signatures; Authentication - provided by the use of X.509 digital certificates; the proof of a transaction or 'Non-Repudiation' - provided by the use of a Public Key Infrastructure to issue digital certificates.

MailSweeper (Content Technologies)

Provides Content Security and policy management against the threats hidden in email transfers: confidentiality breaches; exposure to legal liability; lost productivity and damage to reputation through email misuse; spam and spoof attacks; infection and data loss from email-borne viruses.

Medscout (Medscout)

Medscout provides physician-edited medical information links and a secure, easy-to-use platform for sending HIPAA protected healthcare information over the Internet.

MIMESweeper for Exchange (Content Technologies)

An email Content Security solution that protects your Exchange environment against internal and external content threats. MAILsweeper for Exchange is part of the MIMEsweeper™ family of Content Security solutions from Content Technologies, the worldwide market leader in providing defenses against content threats such as: confidentiality breaches; exposure to legal liability; infection and loss of data from email-borne viruses; lost productivity and damage to reputation through misuse of email; spam attacks; degradation and loss of network service through misuse and hostile attacks.

MIMESweeper for Domino (Content Technologies)

ontent security for notes mail. MIMEsweeper for Domino resides on the Domino server, automatically scanning internal and external Notes mail to detect and remove content security threats. Features: identifies and cleans viruses in internal and external Notes mail; detects malicious mail & button bombs, trojans, hotspots & Lotus Scripts; breaks down Notes mail into raw data to detect viruses hidden in embedded objects or compressed files; supports multiple concurrent virus scanners; scans Notes mail for key words to prevent junk email and potential confidentiality breaches; stops unauthorised email users and recipients allows addition of legal disclaimers by user, group or domain; quarantines specified file types e.g. executable or oversized files.

Policy Management Agent (PGP)

Works with a standard SMTP mail server to ensure that incoming and outgoing e-mail adheres to your site's encryption policy. The agent intercepts e-mail bound for the SMTP mail server, and checks to see if the e-mail conforms to your site's policy. If the e-mail adheres to your policy, the message is forwarded to the SMTP mail server, which routes the e-mail to the intended recipient. If the e-mail does not adhere to your policy, a message of your choosing is sent to the mail client to tell the sender that the e-mail was rejected.

Portico (Spyrus)

A secure e-mail add-on solution for Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Outlook 98, Outlook 2000 and Outlook Express 5 packages. It is the platform upon which Spyrus system and network access and authentication solutions are built. The core set of services Portico offers are public key techniques such as encryption and authentication as applied to the most ubiquitous applications--secure Web browsing and e-mail.

RPK InvisiMail Enterprise (RPK Security)

Provides a flexible "Open Standards" approach to Internet e-mail security. The RPK InvisiMail Enterprise Edition integrates seamlessly with any Internet e-mail protocol-compliant product (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4).

RPK InvisiMail Individual (RPK Security)

Easy-to-use e-mail security enhancement for use with all standards-compliant Internet e-mail clients and servers. Certified by the International Computer Security Association, InvisiMail automatically and transparently encrypts e-mail messages and attachments, authenticates the sender and verifies the contents have not changed in transit.

ScanMail for Lotus cc:Mail (Trend Micro)

Part of Trend Micro’s integrated family of virus protection products that covers every access point -- Internet gateways, groupware, email and intranet servers, LAN servers and desktops.

ScanMail for Lotus Notes (Trend Micro)

Stops viruses from using your Notes environment as a distribution mechanism. ScanMail for Lotus Notes detects and removes viruses hidden in databases as well as email attachments before they can reach the desktop.

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange (Trend Micro)

Stops viruses, malicious mobile code, sensitive content and spam from passing through your Microsoft Exchange environment.

ScanMail for Microsoft Mail (Trend Micro)

Part of Trend Micro’s integrated family of virus protection products that covers every access point - Internet gateways, groupware and email, intranet servers, LAN servers and desktops.

ScanMail for Microsoft Outlook (Trend Micro)

Scans Outlook folders for malicious code and attachments. Also includes Trend's ActiveUpdate technology which automatically retrieves the latest virus pattern file and scan engine directly from Trend, so you are always up-to-date.

ScanMail for OpenMail (Trend Micro)

Stops the spread of viruses through OpenMail networks.

Secure Message Server (CipherTrust)

The CipherTrust secure message servers provide a complete solution for secure Internet messaging. Our secure message server provides comprehensive secure messaging and reduces your cost to deploy and manage mail servers, while providing all of the features you expect in a message server.

VeriSign Gateway Service (VeriSign)

A "Trust" Gateway service that allows customers using Certificate Servers to have interoperable and automatically trusted secure email communications between themselves, their business partners, customers, suppliers, and anyone else by leveraging VeriSign's Trust Network (VTN). VeriSign's service provides a high degree of scalability because it actually includes the customer's Certificate Server under VeriSign's hierarchy. Once the customer is part of the VTN, they can then issue end user certificates for sending and receiving trusted secure email with any other S/MIME enabled organization or individual.

TFS Secure Messaging Server (TenFour)

Acts as an e-mail firewall and is a single point of control for managing messaging security. Seamless connections to all major e-mail platforms.

TrustedMIME (Secure Solutions Experts)

A seamless e-mail security plug-in for Microsoft Exchange, MS Outlook and Lotus Notes which ensures the complete confidentiality of e-mail messages and file attachments.

WebShield SMTP (McAfee)

Designed to scan all inbound and outbound E-mail traffic passing through an SMTP E-mail gateway. The scanning process works transparently to end users in the network. Once a virus is detected, WebShield can automatically clean or quarantine a file then send alerts to system administrators. WebShield SMTP also provides content filtering to stop virus hoaxes. A complete history log acts as an audit trail for tracking down the virus origin.

WorldSecure Compliance (Worldtalk)

Total compliance solution providing the following features: Policy-based content analysis of e-mail.
Policy-based random sampling of delivered e-mail. Quarantine of non-compliant e-mail for pre-review and disposition. Tiered archival ("on-line", "near-line", & "off-line"). Archive to high-capacity optical (WORM) media. Web-based GUI for SEC and SRO investigation and Audit. Web-based advanced search and message retrieval. Authenticated access to Archive, Queues, and Audit. Optional S/MIME-compliant Digital Signature of archived e-mail. Duplication of original records and index

WorldSecure/Mail (Worldtalk)

An e-mail Firewall that allows administrators and compliance officers to configure and enforce Internet mail security policies for the entire organization. WorldSecure/Mail incorporates several policy enforcement tools and e-mail security countermeasures, including content control, encryption, archival, and virus scanning in one integrated solution. WorldSecure/Mail provides powerful policy management wizards that ease policy definition and enforcement.

ZixMail (ZixMail)

A secure document delivery and private messaging service for the Internet that enables users worldwide to send encrypted and digitally signed communications.