Encryption Products

Product Name


Air SmartGate (V-ONE)

An advanced messaging security system that provides two-factor authentication and strong data encryption capability to mobile, two-way pagers. Air SmartGate is a "drop-in" solution that works seamlessly through the Skytel two-way advanced messaging network. By encrypting a pager user’s text message prior to transmission and authenticating the Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) of both the sender and recipient(s), Air SmartGate provides a secure pager messaging environment.

Argus 2000 PC Card Reader/Writer (Litronic)

A dual socket PC Card reader/writer that is installed in the 3.5" or 5.25" drive bay of a desktop computer. The Argus 2000 interfaces to the PC via an ISA bus board that is provided with the 2000. The Argus 2000 supports two Type I/II PC Cards or one Type III PC Card in addition to providing support for memory (compact flash, static RAM) and I/O PC Cards (serial, parallel, fax/modem, NIC, and ATA devices) for flexibility depending on individual security requirements.

Argus 2102 PC Card Reader/Writer (Litronic)

An external dual socket PC Card reader/writer that interfaces via a SCSI bus connection for reliable, high-speed access to FORTEZZA Crypto Cards. The Argus 2102 accepts Types I and II Cards and allows for up to seven Argus 2102s to be daisy chained on one SCSI bus to provide an extensible solution.

Argus 2108 PC Card Reader/Writer (Litronic)

A multiple PC Card reader/writer designed to offload cryptographic processing to achieve dramatically greater response times, thereby enhancing technologies such as database management servers, firewalls, web servers, web browsers and email packages. With the capability of holding up to 8 PC Cards and managing multiple clients, the Argus 2108 CipherServer is a vital foundation for DMS, MISSI, and other FORTEZZA crypto-enabled applications. The Argus 2108 benefits Internet and Intranet applications and can be used to secure messaging, protect data, and provide authentication. The sockets of the Argus 2108 may be populated with different cards, supporting different cipher suites, such as FORTEZZA, DES, and RSA. The Argus 2108 is desktop or RETMA rack mountable.

Argus 2500 PC Card Reader/Writer (Litronic)

Provides users the same functionality as the Argus 2000 but provides greater performance by utilizing the PCI bus interface. The Argus 2500 is a dual socket PCI PC Card reader/writer and supports two 16-bit Type I/II PC Cards or one Type III PC Card. In addition, the Argus 2500 provides support for memory (compact flash, static RAM) and I/O PC Cards (serial, parallel, fax/modem, NIC, and ATA devices) for flexibility depending on individual security requirements.

Argus 2600 PC Card Reader/Writer (Litronic)

A single socket PC Card reader/writer that interfaces to the computer via a USB connection to offer users full plug and play benefits. The Argus 2600 accepts all PCMCIA 2.1 compliant type I, II or III cards with auto detection support for 5V or 3V cards. Low current cards are powered directly from the USB and an optional external adapter is available to power high-current cards.

CastGear (NDS)

End-to-end multicast security. Protects your multicast with security features which ensure source and client authentication, data integrity, access control and confidentiality, and non-repudiation. CastGear’s suite of efficient, comprehensive management and monitoring tools handle users, multicast schedule, and content. CastGear is for corporations, data broadcasters, content providers, multicast service operators, and ISPs who want to manage, control and secure their multicast content distribution.

CG 5000 (Baltimore Technologies)

High-speed security management, highly tamper resistant, utilizes DES, RSA or other algorithms, supports TCP/IP and has an Ethernet interface. Provides cryptographic services such as message authentication, key management and user PIN management.

CipherX (TCC)

The CipherX® Series is a family of hardware-based data security systems that provide leading edge encryption for mission-critical wide area networks. Acting as a network overlay, no network modification is required. The similarity across the CipherX family minimizes operator training. The CipherX products are easily and centrally managed by TCC's KEYNETTM key and network management system. The automated architecture ensures ease of use, minimizes user action and maintains constant and reliable network security.

Conseal Private Links (Signal 9 Solutions)

Dynamically encrypts direct PC to PC communications (chat, Internet phone, and fileshares) over the Internet. Encrypt your Internet chat sessions or phone calls to friends and business associates. When you are connected through CPLinks to another PC in your contact list, all the information you send and receive is encrypted. This works for all applications that can communicate over the Internet, without modification. People cannot read what you are sending and cannot even be sure what kind of information you are sending: email, web browsing, file transfers, voice over IP, etc. While companies are linking networks with server-server and client-server VPN's, CPLinks is a "client-client" VPN, combining encryption and privacy with unparalleled flexibility and ease-of-use.

CryptCard (Global Technologies Group Inc)

Type II PCMCIA Encryption Card thatcan be installed in any PC-notebook with a free PCMCIA slot. Full Access Control. Transparent High Speed Encryption. Resource Management. User Audit Trail. NIST Validated to conform to the Data Encryption Standard of FIPS Publication 46-1. CryptCard also conforms to FIPS Publication 81, DES Modes of Operation.

CryptIT (Computer Associates)

A comprehensive, policy driven data encryption solution that seamlessly safeguards your information against intrusion as it is transferred across any TCP/IP network. CryptIT enables you to confidently deploy network-based applications without the risk of someone intercepting data and accessing sensitive information. Should your data fall into the wrong hands, CryptIT keeps it private and secure.

CryptoServer (Cylink)

Tamper-proof "black box" that performs all cryptographic services internally. Elaborate software and hardware security mechanisms control operator and user access. Connected as a server on the network (e.g., TCP/IP or LU6.2). Back-end to one or several hosts using a LAN connection (e.g., HP, IBM, SUN, Tandem). Back-end to a WWW server on the Internet.

CryptoSwift Secure Server Accelerator (Rainbow Technologies)

Accelerates the public-key cryptographic functions of SSL, SET, SSH and other widely used security protocols. Contains a public-key math processor that off-loads and speeds up the operations of a secure web server's main processor. Available in speed configurations including 50, 100, and 200 transactions per second.

CryptWare Board (Utimaco Safeware Systems)

Can be used on machines with an ISA bus with a Windows 3.X/DOS or Windows NT operating system and can be made available for Windows 95, other operating systems on request.
Product Hardware component with software modules for securing data communications, encryption, authentication, digital signature and a secure storage place for private keys.

CryptWare Server (Utimaco Safeware Systems)

Can be made available for host machines with an available C compiler. The CryptWare® Server communication modules are already ported to many platforms, e.g. all Windows platforms, OS/2, many UNIX versions, Tandem. Product Software and hardware components for securing data communication, encryption, authentication, digital signature and a secure storage place for private keys.

CSD 3324E (TCC)

This desktop office system protects telephone, fax and data communications. The CSD 3324E was designed to guarantee secure voice communications over extremely degraded line conditions, while achieving exceptional voice quality with speaker recognition. It easily connects via a 2-wire interface to any Group 3 compatible fax machine, and to a computer via a RS-232 interface. The CSD 3324E is the perfect security solution for government or military officials based in remote locations. With fully automated key management and storage of a large number of keys, the CSD 3324E is an easy to use, strategically secure office communications system.

CSD 3600 (TCC)

Placed between any telephone and its handset, the CSD 3600 provides high end digital security. The CSD 3600 can be used on virtually any telephone worldwide and operates over both digital and analog telephone lines. This small, portable and easy to use system is ideal for people who travel or want to keep their existing telephone. Protection is ensured by a new and unique random key negotiated each session. No other device can generate this session key. To further ensure security a random code is also displayed to detect if the line is being tampered with. It is also compatible with TCC's CSD 4100 secure voice product.

CSD 3700 (TCC)

Highly secure and automatic transmission of fax messages is achieved with the CSD 3700. It easily connects to any Group 3 fax machine via a 2-wire interface. A wide variety of password protected send/receive options are available to meet user specific needs, and top protection is achieved with Diffie-Hellman negotiated key technology. The randomly generated key is unique to the session and to the two communicating CSD 3700s. Messages can also be stored encrypted in a secure electronic mailbox for added internal security. Open and closed networks are supported by the CSD 3700 to enable an open exchange of secure documents in the industrial marketplace, or restrict secure communications to only authorized parties in highly confidential or government applications.

CSD 4100 (TCC)

The CSD 4100 offers strategic level voice and data security in a full featured executive telephone package. Exceptional voice quality is achieved with three different voice coding (vocoding) algorithms. Multiple security layers are supported such as automated key management, authentication, certification, and access control. The CSD 4100 is compatible with TCC's CSD 3600 product.

CyberFUSION (Proginet)

Enables secure, reliable, and cost-effective transfer of critical business information over the Internet. Supports DES and Triple DES encryption with chain block coding, a technique that adds security by changing the encryption key continuously throughout the file. Unique encryption keys for encrypting and decrypting file transfers are dynamically created on a per transfer basis with no user intervention. Encryption keys are never transmitted over the Internet. Automatically restarts interrupted transfers from the point of interruption. Supported on Windows NT, 95, 98 and IBM OS/390. Compatible with Proginet's award winning FUSION FTMS enterprise file transfer solution supporting IBM OS/400, IBM OS/2, IBM AIX, HP/UX SUN Solaris, Linux and DEC VAX/VMS.

Cylink ATM Encryptor (Cylink)

OC-3c (or T3/E3) rated security gateway for ATM networks. Creates a virtual trusted network that provides data privacy and access control for connections between trusted ATM local-area networks across public ATM wide-area networks. Turnkey system with customized encryption hardware and software. Operates at speeds of up to 155 Mbps with complete transparency to all networks and end-users. Only when information exits the trusted environment does ATM Encryptor encrypt the data. When data crosses either interface, ATM Encryptor encrypts or decrypts each cell's payload without affecting the header. Routing information remains intact while the critical private information is fully protected. Encrypted cells pass through the public network safely and are decrypted when they arrive at their destinations.

Cylink CIDEC-HSi (Cylink)

Protects data, voice and video transmissions over high-speed, point-to-point network links. Uses Triple-DES, or NIST-approved DES encryption algorithms to safeguard the integrity and privacy of data as it travels over the protected network links. Diffie-Hellman public key management automatically generates a unique encryption key for each communications session. CIDEC-HSi secures dedicated public, private T1/E1 or fractional T1 networks and links over international PTT networks. The system is capable of encrypting links with speeds ranging from 56 Kbps to 2.048 Mbps. And because CIDEC-HSi supports a wide range of network equipment, systems can be easily connected to PBX trunks, bridges, routers, front-end processors and multiplexers.

Cylink CIDEC-LSi/MS (Cylink)

Secures dedicated point-to-point or dial-up network links on both private and public networks. This series of Cylink link encryptors safeguards moderate-speed network connections (1.2 Kbps to 768 Kbps) and secures client/server, host-based or video conferencing applications. All systems use Triple-DES and NIST-approved DES encryption to protect data from eavesdroppers as it travels over network links. Diffie-Hellman public key management provides efficient, automatic public key management for securing individual communications sessions.

Cylink CIDEC-MLS (Cylink)

Secures network links while ensuring the privacy of data transmissions over public and private network services. Supports up to 12 LSP, LSPA, or MSP encryption cards, allowing customers to transmit sensitive corporate data over multiple communications lines without risk of theft, loss or damage. Secures remote LAN access, communications between network hosts and video conferencing applications. The system's encryption cards can be individually configured and are fully compatible with Cylink's CIDEC-LSi/MS and LSA series of link encryptors. Once a communication link has been established, the CIDEC-MLS uses Diffie-Hellman public key management to generate a unique encryption key for every session. Network data is encrypted using either Triple-DES or NIST-approved DES.

Cylink CIDEC-VHS (Cylink)

Point-to-point link encryptor available with a full array of high-speed interfaces such as High-Speed Serial Interface (HSSI), DS3 and E3. CIDEC-VHS with the HSSI interface supports dynamic networking speeds from 45 Mbps to 1.54 Mbps. The DS3 or E3 versions support fixed rated network interfaces. Can be used to protect microwave radio and satellite uplinks, microwave-based networks and SONET, ATM, frame relay, SMDS and T1/E1 networks. Employs NIST-approved DES encryption algorithm. Diffie-Hellman public key management automatically generates a unique encryption key for each communications link. Connects to a wide range of network equipment such as multiplexers, routers, hubs and bridges.

Cylink Frame Encryptor (Cylink)

Provides high-speed high-level security for frame relay networks. It encrypts data at speeds of up to 4 Mbps, and is scalable across a wide range of networks and applications. It positively identifies other Frame Encryptor units and will not accept frames from unauthorized sources. Once a connection is made, data is encrypted as it flows between nodes. For maximum security, different encryption keys are used for each virtual circuit or DLCI. Functionally and operationally transparent to the network and its users. Eliminates network redesigns and reconfiguration of applications. Decreases overhead by encrypting only the data portions of network traffic. Header information is left intact, enabling traffic to flow over any private or public frame relay network.

Cylink Link Encryptor (Cylink)

Secures sensitive data transmitted over high-speed, point-to-point or dial-up communication links. Transparent to network transmission and terminal equipment. Supports routers, front-end processors, PBX trunks, codecs, bridges and multiplexers. Diffie-Hellman key management provides an automated system that eliminates all the operational and maintenance costs of managing an encrypted network with manual key distribution.

Cylink SecureFrame (Cylink)

Cost-effective security for frame relay networks. Positively identifies other SecureFrame units before making any connection. Once a connection is made, SecureFrame then encrypts data using the industry standard and strong Triple-DES as it flows between each node. Will not accept frames from unauthorized sources. This allows IT managers to create secured user groups within an enterprise network. To provide maximum security, a different encryption key is used for each virtual circuit or DLCI. Functionally and operationally transparent to the network and its users. Eliminates network redesigns and the reconfiguration of applications. Decreases overhead by encrypting only the data portions of network traffic. All header information remains intact so that traffic can flow over any private or public frame relay network.

Cylink SecureFrame-L (Cylink)

Low-cost, high-level security solution for frame relay networks running at speeds of up to 128 Kbps. SecureFrame-L is fully compatible with SecureFrameTM - Cylink's security solution for high-speed (2.048 Mpbs) frame relay networks. Used together, the two products work in tandem to securely link low-speed branch networks to higher speed corporate networks. Uses a Digital Signature Standard (DSS)-based digital certificate system to positively identify other SecureFrame-L units before making a connection. Once a connection is made, SecureFrame-L uses the strongest encryption with Triple-DES and NIST-approved DES and Diffie-Hellman public key management to secure the link and encrypt each communication session. Will not accept frames from unauthorized sources, so secured user groups can be designated within an enterprise network. To ensure maximum security, different encryption keys are used for each virtual circuit or DLCI. Functionally and operationally transparent to users and network applications. Eliminates network redesigns and network application reconfiguration. To reduce system overhead, only the data portion of network traffic is encrypted. Header information is left intact to enable traffic flow over any private or public frame relay network.

Datacryptor 2000 ATM (Zaxus)

Provide perimeter security and VPN capability through high-performance cryptography, securing all types of information traveling over Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks. Protects all users and applications on the trusted side of the network, including legacy data, voice and video. A single encryption system may protect many individual workstations, servers or other end nodes. Provides access control services.

Datacryptor 2000 High Speed Frame Relay (Zaxus)

Protects valuable data on your network by providing secure communications across private or public frame relay networks. You can transmit encrypted data at speeds up to 2.048Mbps. Data is encrypted using 3DES or another standard, national, or custom algorithm. Allows you to download common standard algorithms or your own proprietary algorithm into the DC2K to suit your specific needs.

Datacryptor 2000 High Speed Link Encryptor (Zaxus)

High Speed link encryptors (DC2K-E & DC2K-T) protect valuable data on your network by providing secure communications across a point-to-point private or public network. You can transmit encrypted data at speeds up to 2.048Mbps (E1/T1). Data is encrypted using 3DES or another standard, national, or custom algorithm. Allows you to download common standard algorithms or your own proprietary algorithm into the DC2K to suit your specific needs.

Datacryptor 2000 Standard Frame Relay (Zaxus)

Protects valuable data on your network by providing secure communications across private or public frame relay networks. You can transmit encrypted data at speeds up to 256Kbps. Data is encrypted using 3DES or another standard, national, or custom algorithm. Allows you to download common standard algorithms or your own proprietary algorithm into the DC2K to suit your specific needs.

Datacryptor 2000 Standard Link Encryptor (Zaxus)

Link encryptor provides secure communications across a point-to-point private or public network. You can transmit encrypted data at speeds up to 512 Kbps. Data is encrypted using 3DES or another standard, national, or custom algorithm. Allows you to download common standard algorithms or your own proprietary algorithm into the DC2K to suit your specific needs. Can be programmed to operate as either a central or remote site unit. Offers a choice of communications interfaces for operation over analog circuits, high-speed digital networks.

D-Fence 4 Disk Authorisation and Encryption System (Sophos)

Allows full encryption of all data on a PC or a laptop. Even in the event of a PC being lost or stolen, or its hard disk being sent for repair, it is impossible to inspect the data without the correct passwords.

D-Fence for Windows NT (Sophos)

Allows full encryption of all data on a PC or a laptop. Even in the event of a PC being lost or stolen, or its hard disk being sent for repair, it is impossible to inspect the data without the correct passwords.

Digital Certainty Encryption Service (eCertain)

End-to-end encryption and Internet transfer service. Digital Certainty encrypts all transmissions end-to-end with state-of-the-art elliptic-curve cryptography. The identities of all senders and recipients are independently verified. All transmissions are timestamped; timestamps are synchronized to the atomic clock at the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. Users have the option to add a legally binding electronic signature to any document. eCertain acts as an independent third party, standing outside every transaction and providing a complete audit trail. In addition, eCertain's process itself is independently audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Lloyds of London.

Digital Signature Plug-In (Celo Communications)

Digital signing capability for web browsers. Can be used for all major web browsers, in order to produce digital signatures. Installation of the CeloCom Digital Signature Plug-in is automatically managed by Celo's installation application. The plug-in is easy to activate. Your web server just sends the data to be signed, embedded in a normal web page. The data is associated with a Celo-signature MIME type, which allows the web browser to identify that it is to be signed. The plug-in is then automatically activated. The plug-in displays the data/transaction that is to be signed, prompting the user to enter a password, which will unlock and access the private RSA key needed to sign the data in S/MIME (PKCS#7) format.

Diskryptor (Danu Industries)

Files and folders are encrypted with the GOST strong encryption algorithm, using a combination of a unique user key and the password entered at time of encryption. The overall encryption strength is a function of the password selected by the user at time of encryption. For example a seven-character password provides approximately 40-bit encryption strength and a twelve-character password approximates to an 80-bit strength.

DNA (AccessData)

Uses the background cycles of multiples servers to recover encrypted files.


A rugged military bulk ciphering system, the DSD 72A-SP provides a maximum level of cryptographic security for synchronous data networks operating at up to 34 Mbps. Supporting a wide variety of interfaces, it easily integrates into existing networks. Reliable secure communications is ensured with crypto synchronization methods built to maintain connections in error and jamming environments such as radio relay networks, missile systems, and microwave systems. A large number of stored keys, TCC's proprietary key generator, fully automatic key management, and on-line operations enforce security while being easy to use. The DSD 72A-SP has been field proven. Over 2,000 units are securing high-level military backbone networks, and it is certified for use with the Patriot missile system.

DSP 9000 (TCC)

The DSP 9000 family provides strategic security for voice and data communications sent over HF, VHF and UHF channels in full and half-duplex modes. Designed for rugged military environments, the DSP 9000 provides exceptional voice quality over poor line connections making it an ideal security solution for military aircraft, naval, base station and manpack radio applications. Automated key management ensures optimum security and ease of use. The DSP 9000 is radio independent. Software programmable interfaces allow radio interface levels to be changed without configuring the hardware. Base station and handset configurations are available and all are compatible with TCC's CSD 3324E secure telephone.

ECS (Baltimore Technologies)

Cryptographic solution designed to provide security in Data Center and Workgroup environments. De-couples the cryptographic processing from the business application(s) while still retaining the essential architecture of a host computing environment. For organizations with multi-vendor, back-end host systems, ECS provides the full security solution from the desktop to the Data Center.

ED2048R3 (Baltimore Technologies)

High Speed RAMBUTAN link encryptor for 64Kbps to 2Mbps operation. Protects Government data over synchronous links at speeds of up to 2.048Mbps using the RAMBUTAN algorithm.
Combines very high speed "on the fly" encryption with high reliability to ensure that data throughput is not compromised.

ED600RTS (Baltimore Technologies)

Medium Speed RAMBUTAN link encryptor for 2400 bps to 128Kbps operation. Provides cryptographic protection for synchronous data transmitted on a point-to-point link, at speeds of up to 128Kbps.

ED8000RL (Baltimore Technologies)

Ethernet LAN encryptor using the RAMBUTAN II Chip from CESG. Encrypts network traffic end-to-end between secure LANs or LAN subnets. E3 Certified.

E-DES for DOS and Windows (Sophos)

A package for secure storage of confidential data and programs. It encrypts files stored on disk, transforming them into a secure `scrambled' form. Encrypted files can be examined, but their contents are unintelligible and unusable.

Elkey (Global Technologies Group Inc)

PCI Encryption Card that can be installed in any PC with a free PCI slot. Full Access Control. Transparent High Speed Encryption. Resource Management. User Audit Trail. NIST Validated cipher engine conforms to the Data Encryption Standard of FIPS Publication 46-1, and also conforms to FIPS Publication 81, DES Modes of Operation.

Encryption Plus Folders (PC Guardian)

Provides automatic, "on the fly" and ongoing data protection for specified file folders. Uses the well-known and documented Blowfish algorithm, a fast, 56-bit block cipher designed by Bruce Schneier.

Encryption Plus Personal (PC Guardian)

Provides facilities for manual encryption of files and folders. Uses the well-known and documented Blowfish algorithm, a fast and strong 40-bit block cipher designed by Bruce Schneier.

Encryption Plus Secure Export (PC Guardian)

Encrypts files for secure transmission via email, over the internet, on diskette or CD-ROM, via modem or over a network. Uses the Blowfish algorithm, a fast, exportable 56-bit block cipher designed by Bruce Schneier. A 192-bit version also available for use in the U.S., Canada and selected foreign countries.

Entegrity Secrets (Entegrity Solutions)

Protects your desktop, laptop, or workgroup files and e-mail with strong cryptography and digital signatures. Entegrity Secrets is a comprehensive, public key cryptography (PKC), secure Microsoft Windows, Office, and Exchange solution. It enables policy-based e-mail security with strong encryption, digital signatures, bilateral authentication, and non-repudiation for Windows applications and extended MAPI-based e-mail.

Entrust/Entelligence (Entrust Technologies)

Allows organizations to deploy tightly-integrated and cost-effective security solutions for e-mail, Web, VPN and more. Provides a common, single layer of security that allows users to log in once to all applications. Seamlessly integrated into the desktop environment, this "intelligent" software for the Entrust/PKI, transparently and automatically manages certificates, encryption, digital signatures, and other security issues on behalf of the user.

Entrust/ICE (Entrust Technologies)

Allows organizations to protect sensitive information on workstations, laptops or network drives. Provides automatic and transparent encryption of files in folders. Unlike products that require users to understand how security works, Entrust/ICE runs in the background to automatically protect folders that have been specified by the user or administrator.

Everlink Suite (Anyware Technology)

A client/server software product that provides secure and instant file transfer, email, instant messaging and secure web server access over the Internet, intranets and extranets. It gives users a method of exchanging information securely, privately and in real time.

FileMarshall (Marshall Software)

An automated secure file transport program. It is designed to allow the automatic transfer of files across private or public networks (such as the Internet) securely in an application independent manner. It is a layered transmission product. The core functionality includes mail transport and encryption layers that are encapsulated as COM objects.

FolderBolt (Citadel Technology)

Protect information stored on PC or removable disks. Right-click with your mouse on any folder or file in Windows Explorer or My Computer, or drag-and-drop onto FolderBolt’s desktop icons to secure it. FolderBolt lets you choose between three very powerful security options: (1) password protected, (2) read-only protected, or (3) as a secure "drop box". Define groups of folders as a "set" and bolt them all together before you do a shutdown. FolderBolt can automatically unlock them at Windows startup by prompting you for the password.

Fortezza Crypto Card (Spyrus)

A complete single-board computer on a PC Card that may be used to secure electronic data. The Fortezza Crypto Card contains a state-of-the-art, U.S. Government-approved cryptographic processor chip with key transport, encryption, key wrap, hash, and digital signature algorithms. The Fortezza Crypto Card utilizes SPYRUS firmware residing in non-volatile memory. Static RAM is provided for working memory and temporary key storage. A permanent realtime clock chip with battery backup provides up to 7 years of reliable and tamper-evident battery power. Firmware updates required over the card's lifetime can be performed in the field. All Fortezza Crypto Cards include the government cryptographic and signature algorithm suite made up of SKIPJACK encryption and key wrap, Key Exchange Algorithm (KEA), SHA-1 hash, and NIST Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) signature. The DSA is used with SHA-1 to electronically sign and verify signed data. The KEA is used for secure, electronic key distribution.

Fortezza PC Cryptocard (Rainbow Technologies)

Implements cryptographic security and authorization methods in a PCMCIA hardware token for commercial applications. Incorporates the National Security Agency-certified CAPSTONE RISC-based cryptographic processor.

Fortezza Plus PC Cryptocard (Rainbow Technologies)

MISSI compatible and PC CARD 95, 16-bit data I/O compliant. Cryptographic engine for the Secure Terminal Equipment (STE). The size of a credit card, Fortezza™ Plus takes advantage of such commercial network technologies as ISDN to deliver high quality secure digital voice/data services.

F-Secure FileCrypto (Data Fellows)

Transparent file encryption for corporate environments. Designed for corporations that want to protect confidential data on their desktop and laptop computers. Automated installation, centralized management and completely transparent operation. Transparent to the user. 256-bit Blowfish. 168-bit Three-key-3DES. On-the-fly encryption. Power-off protection. Temporary files protection. Integration to NT 4.0 shell. Administrative key recovery. Encrypted e-mail attachments. Centralized installation and management.

F-Secure SSH Client (Data Fellows)

Provides the user with secure login connections over untrusted networks. F­Secure SSH Terminal acts as a replacement for the telnet protocol. The Terminal uses the cryptographic authentication, automatic session encryption, and integrity protection methods that are defined by the SSH protocol. F­Secure SSH Terminal fully supports VT100 terminal emulation. Commercially available for the following platforms:  Windows 3.1x / 95 / 98 / NT, Macintosh, All major Unix/Linux platforms.

F-Secure SSH Server (Data Fellows)

Provides the users with secure login connections, file transfer, X11, and TCP/IP connections over untrusted networks. The server uses cryptographic authentication, automatic session encryption, and integrity protection for all transferred data. RSA or Dss is used for authentication and Diffie-Hellamn for key exchange, and symmetric algorithms (e.g. 3DES, Blowfish, Twofish, Arcfour) for encrypting transferred data.  System administrators can use tools provided in the server package to replace existing rsh, rlogin, rcp, rdist and telnet protocols. This will enable administrators to perform all remote system administration tasks over secure connections.  The F­Secure SSH Server for UNIX supports TCP/IP port forwarding technology to connect arbitrary otherwise insecure connections over a secure channel. Available for a majority of different UNIX platforms (e.g.  Solaris, AIX, HPUX, IRIX, FreeBSD, Linux). 

Hardware Encryption Products (HIFN)

A number of hardware encryption chips.

HP Praesidium Speed Card (Hewlett-Packard)

Dramatically improves the performance of e-service applications running on HP servers whenever user authentication protocols such as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) bundled into Netscape Enterprise Server are implemented.

HSP 4000 (Baltimore Technologies)

Hardware Security Module, can facilitate a security kernel for high-performance servers and workstations. Designed to FIPS 140-1 Level 4 tamper resistance. Strong security, with key policing. Reduced development times. Optimum performance. Key import/export by smart card. PCI bus compatibility and NT support.

IBM 4758 PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor (IBM)

Adds a high-security environment to your Windows NT, OS/2, AIX, and OS/400 server systems for DES, RSA, and DSA cryptographic functions and sensitive custom applications. The PCI board incorporates specialized electronics to off-load your servers from time-consuming cryptographic functions. Certification under FIPS PUB 140-1 at levels 3 and 4 assures a high-integrity processing environment.

IBM Transaction Security System (IBM)

A comprehensive cryptographic solution designed to provide consistent support in many parts of transaction systems. TSS addresses personal identification and authorization, the secure transport of data, and cryptographic processing to ensure data integrity. Security Features: Employs versatile, tamper-resistant and advanced key management techniques. Secures communication links throughout an organization by using Data Encryption Standard, exportable Commercial Data Masking Facility, or Rivest, Shamir and Adleman public key algorithms. Supports credit and debit cryptography through PIN and card verification value generation, verification and translation.

iD2 Personal (iD2 Technologies)

Client software that adds smart card support, strong 128-bit encryption and the capability to create digital signatures with any standard Internet browser. This product can be integrated seamlessly with any third party product supporting the standard PKCS#11 or Microsoft CAPI interfaces, for example mail software from Microsoft and Netscape or XML-forms software.

Internet Security Processor (Atalla)

Performs all cryptographic processing within a physically secure shell. Any tampering automatically triggers measures that "zeroize" data such as passwords, keys, and algorithms. Keys and other sensitive data never appear in cleartext form, and thus remain safe from attacks.

Jaws Data Encryption for the Desktop (Jaws Technologies)

Encrypts desktop files using JAWS L5 encryption algorithm.

Jaws Memo (Jaws Technologies)

Encrypts Palm™ memo pad data using JAWS L5 encryption algorithm.

KIV-7HS Link Encryptor (Rainbow Technologies)

COMSEC device specifically designed to meet PC users' needs for secure data communication links. Protects classified and sensitive digital Type 1 data transmissions at data rates up to 1.54 Mbps, and is ideal for compliance with Government directives NACSI 6002 and DoD Instruction 5210.74.

Luna 2 (Chrysalis-ITS)

Standard Type II PCMCIA card security token that uses its on-board computing capabilities to provide security functions that include encrypting and decrypting data and messages, support for public-key and private-key security, and digital signature operations.

Lynks Privacy Card (Spyrus

Provides high performance, high security cryptographic processing in a personal, portable PC card package. Enables security critical capabilities—user authentication, message privacy, message integrity authentication and secure storage—in rugged, tamper-evident hardware. Integration into applications is enabled through a complete set of SPYRUS developer toolkits.


Free MD5 message integrity check software.

Microsoft NetMeeting (Microsoft

Security feature of NetMeeting uses data encryption, user authentication, and password protection to ensure your security. You can: Encode the data exchanged between shared programs, transferred files, Chat, and Whiteboard. Specify whether all secure calls are encrypted. Hold secure conferences where all data is encrypted (audio and video are disabled). Verify the identity of participants by requiring authentication certificates. Require a NetMeeting certificate (automatically generated during NetMeeting setup). Require a personal certificate issued by an external certifying authority or intranet cerificate server. Schedule secure conferences that require all participants to have a certificate. Host a meeting that requires a password. Use Remote Desktop Sharing to control your office computer from home or vice versa.

Moniker PC Crypto Card (Litronic

A National Security Agency (NSA) designed FORTEZZA Crypto Card that delivers high-performance encryption and digital services in an industry standard. With an integrated random number generator, on-board real-time clock, and storage for 27 digital certificates, the Moniker exceeds the FORTEZZA performance specifications for FIPS 140-1 Level 2, Type II PC Cards.

MYK-14 Centurian Ground Unit (Rainbow Technologies)

Implements the Centurion commercial algorithm. Used to safeguard satellite command uplinks. Key features include built-in authentication, Electronic Codebook operation mode, remote control and interface compatibility with MYK-15 (Caribou) and MYK-16 (Cardholder) ground units.

MYK-15 Caribou Ground Unit (Rainbow Technologies)

Satellite Ground Station command uplink encryptors with Vehicle Simulator/Echo Loop decryptors. Cryptographically compatible with the Centurion VLSI microcircuit.

MYK-41 DES VLSI (Rainbow Technologies)

Radiation-hardened VLSI chip for embedment applications. Encrypts or decrypts using the DES algorithm. Cryptographically compatible with DES FIPS Pub 46. Operates in Electronic Codebook (ECB) or Output Feedback (OFB) mode. Off-the-shelf QML "Q" availability. Binary TTL data format. Maximum data rate of 160 Mbps with system clock at 40 MHz. Subject to export controls. Meets QML Class Q requirements of MIL-PRF-38535. DESC-qualified JAN CMOS gate array manufacturer.

MYK-42 Centurian VLSI (Rainbow Technologies)

Exportable VLSI microcircuit implements the Centurion algorithm, which safeguards command links in commercial satellite ground and flight components. Key features include built-in authentication, Electronic Codebook operation mode, and interface compatibility with Caribou and Cardholder devices.

MYK-78E VLSI (Rainbow Technologies)

Implements Skipjack to encrypt and decrypt data under a control microprocessor (CP) in the target system. Operates in any of the four cryptographic modes defined by FIPS Pub 81. Exportable in products meeting NIST FIPS Pub 185 and government approval.

MYK-82 Capstone ASIC (Rainbow Technologies)

Offers encryption and authentication technology for digitized voice, data, facsimile, EFT, EDI, and network communication on a single IC. A member of the Key Escrow Microcircuit family, Capstone features fully-selectable keys to assure system security. Freely exportable in products using NIST FIP Pub 140.1 and government approval.

MYK-85 Key Management Unit (Rainbow Technologies)

Cryptographic engine performs Type 1 and Type 3 data encryption and decryption, Type 1 Hash, commercial hash (SHA-1), key generation and exchanges, and other associated cryptographic functions.

MYK-CA Ground Unit (Rainbow Technologies)

Provides uplink protection, and prevents unauthorized commands from controlling a satellite. MYK-CGU's key features include built-in authentication, four Electronic Codebook (ECB) operation modes, and exportability.

MYK-CA VLSI Microcircuit (Rainbow Technologies)

A VLSI, embeddable, cryptographic device for commercial satellite systems. It provides uplink protection by preventing unauthorized commands from controlling a satellite. MYK-CA's key features include built-in authentication, four Electronic Codebook (ECB) operation modes, and exportability. The MYK-CA VLSI microcircuit, when in the Receive (Decrypt/Authenticate) mode, can easily be integrated into a satellite demodulator (transponder) or a command processor.

MYK-CKG (Rainbow Technologies)

Enables users of the MYK-CA commercial algorithm to generate keys for the MYK-CA VLSI and the MYK-CGU Ground Unit. Generates and tests random keys, and formats the keys either for flight equipment PROMs or for PCMCIA cards used in ground equipment.

Navaho Lock (CyPost)

Allows creation of private and protected document packages and to be sent across any digital network. Features:
Built in Compression, Drag and Drop, Navaho Link (An add-on module that allows instant encryption and private package creation services from within Microsoft© Word and Excel), Outlook Import (Allows Microsoft© Outlook and Outlook Express users to easily import their e-mail address book into Navaho Lock). Works with all file formats: Quickly and easily encrypts and compresses digital images, spreadsheets, Word documents, files, and folders.
Interoperability: Fully integrated with popular e-mail programs including, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape©, and Eudora©. Strong Encryption: Choose from a variety of encryption standards, including 40, 56, 112, 128, and 168-bit key-lengths and algorithms.

Navaho Lock with Voice (CyPost)

Records, compresses and encrypts private voice communications and private document packages for transmission across any digital network including the Internet. Features: Encrypted Voice E-mail, Shredder, Streamlined interface, Built in Compression, Drag and Drop. Fully integrated with popular e-mail programs including, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, and Eudora. Strong Encryption: Up to 168-bit Triple DES.

Navaho ZipSafe (CyPost)

Encrypts data on hard disks, network drives or floppies. Compresses and protects data in one step. Features: Built in Compression, Drag and Drop, Shredder. Choice of Encryption: Navaho ZipSafe supports a variety of algorithms including 40, 56, 112, 128, and 168-bit. Works with all file formats: digital images, spreadsheets, Word documents, files, folders, and entire directories.

Netswift FastMAP Integrated Circuit (Rainbow Technologies)

A large-scale integrated circuit that performs a wide variety of public key algorithms at high speed. Appropriate for providing cryptographic processing and acceleration for IPSec, IKE, ISAKMP, SSL, SET and other popular public-key-based protocols. Performs a reference 1024-bit RSA private key operation in under 5 milliseconds. RSA in varying modulus sizes up to 4096 bits are supported. Performs Diffie-Hellman (DH) and the Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA). All algorithms are fully patent-paid for any application.

Network Security Workstation (Baltimore Technologies)

PC based facility that enables a range of RAMBUTAN encryptors on a network to be centrally managed.

nFast (nCipher)

Hardware security accelerator that increases the performance of secure Web at lower cost than adding new server hardware with equivalent speed.

nShield (nCipher)

Secure hardware module. Validated to FIPS 140-1 Level 3. Meets or exceeds all physical, electrical and environmental criteria demanded by the most secure operating environments. Provides the same secure key management functionality as the nForce™ product. Tamper-resistant hardened outer case.

NSOC3 (Rainbow Technologies Inc)

Integrated circuit allows OEM network products to perform security protocols (e.g., IPSec, L2TP, PPTP, SSL, L2F or PPP) at line speeds up to OC3 data rates (155Mb/s). Offers three operational modes for processing at line speeds: as a high-performance cryptographic coprocessor, as a packet processor, and as a complete IPSec packet processor. Provides the mandatory IPSec/IKE cryptographic algorithms (including DH, DSA, RSA, DES, 3DES, RC4, MD5, SHA-1, and HMAC). The chip also supports both of IKE's Main and Aggressive Modes of key exchange.

OpenSSL (OpenSSL Project)

The OpenSSL Project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust, commercial-grade, full-featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols as well as a full-strength general purpose cryptography library. The project is managed by a worldwide community of volunteers that use the Internet to communicate, plan, and develop the OpenSSL toolkit and its related documentation.

OPtiva Secure Plus
Remote Access Server (
Rainbow Technologies Inc)

A self-configuring Ethernet port and autoconfiguration of PCMCIA communication devices simplify installation. Supports modems and ISDN TAs simultaneously in the same chassis, thereby allowing different media types to be connected through the same chassis.

Palladium Secure Remote Access (Rainbow Technologies Inc)

Secure modem has been certified to protect U.S. Government Classified information, up to and including Secret, when used in accordance with FCC policy. Suitable for commercial applications requiring robust security, it was designed for the Department of Defense. Uses 80-bit Skipjack algorigthm.

PC Card Reader (Spyrus)

PCMCIA via SCSI Interface. Internal and external versions are available. The internal model mounts in a standard 3.5 inch drive bay. The external model is a desktop case with compact dimensions, and has two SCSI-2 connectors to allow for SCSI bus chaining.

PGP Desktop (PGP)

Combines strong cryptography and authentication technology that allows users to secure information in e-mail, on hard drives, on removable media and on network traffic. PGP VPN Client includes encryption and decryption capabilities, and a secure virtual nic VPN client ensuring that only the intended recipient can decipher your data. Through the use of digital signatures, data is non-repudiated, which proves that the data or an e-mail message is authentic.

PrivaCD (Global Technologies Group Inc)

Turnkey solution for producing encrypted CD-ROMs. Requires no previous CD recording experience, and creates a highly secured means of transportation for data. This allows organizations to take advantage of the high capacity and standardization of CD-ROMs, while controlling access to sensitive, confidential, proprietary or classified data stored on the discs.

Privatel (L-3 Communications)

Secure telephone communication. Features: universal phone compatibility; robust security technology; excellent voice quality; portability.

PUBLIC (Sophos)

A package for security of communications in any group of two or more users who transfer information to each other. PUBLIC protects the information sent, using digital signatures and/or encryption. A typical application would be a bank or group of banks, using a commercially available electronic mail service for file transfers between their computers worldwide, and needing to secure the transfer.

RPK Encryptonite FastChip (RPK Security)

Well suited for implementation in hardware at extremely fast speeds, low power and low cost per unit. The RPK Encryptonite FastChip design has a low gate count, small footprint and low power requirement, making it ideal for embedded systems, high-speed, high data flow applications, large volume transaction processing or as a co-processor.

RPK SecureMedia (RPK Security)

On-the-fly encryption, authentication and access control for streaming media. Provides content protection, confidentiality, authentication and access control for RealSystem G2-based streaming media content. Security features are transparent and automatic; a straightforward audience management system makes it easy to control access to content. On-the-fly encryption using the RPK™ Encryptonite™ Engine ensures the information is not intercepted, pirated or altered in transit.

S/390 CMOS Cryptographic Coprocessor (IBM)

A specialized, hardware crypto facility that allows the S/390 to execute both symmetric key and public-key algorithms to perform secure electronic commerce without impacting processor performance. When used, the Cryptographic Coprocessor facility performs all cryptographic functions entirely in hardware within a physically secure boundary: it contains neither software nor micro-code. This 'hardware only' approach provides high performance and provable security.

SafeDial Encrypted PC Card Modem (Zaxus)

Provides a secure communication channel over the public switched telephone network. The product is particularly suited to people on the move who wish to access a remote computing facility. Credit card-sized communication and cryptographic processor combination. The modem connects to the industry standard PC Card (PCMCIA) facility available on most laptops or suitably adapted desktop computers. It prevents unauthorised information access and provides privacy for data transmissions over telephone lines at speed up to 28.8 Kbps. SafeDial is also Group III fax compatible, allowing the transmission and reception of faxes at speed up to 14.4 Kbps. Includes V.42/MNP 2-4 error correction.

SafeGuard Easy (Utimaco Safeware Systems)

Encrypts the hard disk and provides a secured logon of the user before the operating system is even started. When doing this, neither passwords nor keys are left on the PC´s hard disk. An intruder has no chance of getting hold of this sensitive information.

SafeGuard LAN Crypt (Utimaco Safeware Systems)

Provides effective protection of selected files against access by persons who are physically capable of accessing the data carrier. By means of an individually assigned bunch of keys, the Key File, all users are given their own personal or jointly used keys. With the Key File, the Security Administrator determines which users are granted access rights to which data. Because the data is also encrypted as it is passed from one part of the network to another, a high security standard is guaranteed for the protection of sensitive data in a client-server environment. SafeGuard LAN Crypt supports the operating systems Windows 95/98 and Windows NT.

SafeGuard Sign&Crypt (Utimaco Safeware Systems)

A solution for legally recognized digital signatures that is soon to be certified in accordance with ITSEC E2. Electronic data can be signed and verified with SafeGuard Sign&Crypt. In addition to this, the data can be compressed and/or encrypted with very secure algorithms. In the standard applications Word, Exchange/Outlook and Lotus Notes (currently on a project basis only), SafeGuard Sign&Crypt can be integrated through plug-ins. With the help of the Software Development Kit (SDK), all of the signature functions of SafeGuard Sign&Crypt can also be integrated for use with other Windows applications. The user has a public and a private key. The X.509 certificate confirms the unequivocal allocation of the key pair to the user.

SecretSweeper (Content Technologies)

Allows encryption of email to partners, suppliers and remote workers at the email gateway and by manages the content of desktop-encrypted email.

SecureDoc (WinMagic)

Windows 95 and Windows NT file encryption software. Features: Triple DES encryption; Support for NTFS and FAT32; Data protection against interruption of the encryption process; Administrator/User mode, addressing the need of enterprises where key management and recovery of files are entrusted to security officers rather to individual users; SecureDoc can be integrated with other software and hardware packages such as Smart Card through industry standard API to be an integrated security solution.

SecuriPhone (SecuriPhone)

Free downloadable Windows 95-98-2000-NT telephone and instant on and offline text messenger, all transmission is encrypted. It allows you to talk and send multi language text messages to your family, friends and associates, worldwide. At the same time you may browse the Internet to shop, keep up to date with general offerings or share information with your contact via the web access window.

SeNTry 2020 (LOGON Software)

SeNTry 2020 is a data encryption software utilizing state-of-art encryption and software development technologies. SeNTry 2020 allows users to allocate a portion of their hard drive to be reserved for encrypted files. This space appears to Windows as a new drive letter, making access to sensitive data simple, fast and transparent except that with SeNTry 2020, the encrypted volume requires password authentication before the files become accessible. A transparent, on-the-fly encryption to your notebook or desktop personal computer. This program lets you reserve portions of your existing hard drives for encrypted data.


Free software to implement the SNEFRU hash function.

Snuffle (CERIAS)

Free software to turn any one-way hash function into a private-key encryption method..

SP File and Mail Security (Unisys)

Allows a user to fully or partially encrypt and digitally sign messages and files. Files stored in designated folders are automatically encrypted. A secure delete function that uses multiple random and non-random overwrites ensures a deleted file is unrecoverable.

Steganos (Centurion Software)

Personal privacy protector. Pick any file, and the Steganos Wizard will guide you step by step through the encrypting and hiding process.

SoftGuard (Communication Devices)

Windows-based encryption driver. Features: Portable lightweight (no extra hardware required) Operates with internal/external modems 64 bit DES encyrption Personal DES key , Token protected Automatic Unique Key for each session Electronic distribution of private keys Cipher feedback DES encryption DES compliant Pin protected token Menu driven setup.

SynCrypt File & Mail (SynData Technologies)

Enables you to exchange, share, and store information privately on your desktop, across local area networks, or over the Internet. The SynCrypt Safe solution gives you control over who can see your sensitive communications and information.

Talisman DS Media Encryptor and Fortezza Card (Rainbow Technologies)

Encrypts all data on a per volume basis. High performance encryption and compression with minimal performance impact. Multi-Session Fortezza® Crypto Card can be used for such data security applications as secure messaging (DMS), access control, digital signatures, etc. Transparent operation.

TONN (Danu Industries)

IP telephony encryptor allows businesses to take advantage of the cost savings available by using the Internet while being confident that all traffic is completely secure. Strong 256 bit encryption using the GOST algorithm. Voice communications over LAN, WAN or Internet connections. Can be used point to point over dial-up networking connections. Simultaneous file transfer and voice communications. Seamless integration with the Danu SRAN Virtual Private Network.

Triad Security System (Global Technologies Group Inc)

Secures all aspects of mobile computing from the notebook PC, to portable media, to remote communications, by combining high speed transparent encryption and superior access control features. Provides a range of options that will work together or as stand alone components. Some basic features include: Secure remote communications. Transparent hard disk encryption. Fully compatible with all software applications.

U.are.U Pro Private Space (digitalPersona)

Put any application or file into Private Space.  It encrypts and decrypts your data on the fly with the touch of your fingerprint.  Set up multiple Private Spaces on one system.  All are secure, and accessible only to you.  Use Private Space to protect your data privacy in the office or on a networked system.

U-TXZ Caribou VLSI Microcircuit (Rainbow Technologies)

Implements the Caribou algorithm for uplink protection of civil and U.S. commercial satellite systems. The component is compatible with the MYK-15 Caribou Ground Unit.

X/Secure (Baltimore Technologies)

Allows secure e-business XML systems to be created. Provides complete confidentiality of XML documents. Prevents tampering of documents either during transmission or storage. Unique and irrefutable digital signatures can be applied to part or whole documents. Full Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) support. No prior knowledge of cryptography is required.