Virtual Private Network Products

Product Name


AccessGear (NDS)

A smart card based, end-to-end network security solution for securing remote access to sensitive resources - corporate networks, intranets and extranets, financial systems, databases, and more. AccessGear implements authentication, integrity, privacy, accountability and isolation in a robust, scalable and comprehensive architecture.

AccessMaster VPN (Bullsoft)

A powerful hardware and software-based encryption product that uses high-speed tunneling to create fully secure VPNs. These secure VPNs allow sites or individual users to communicate securely and privately over IP networks. AccessMaster VPN offers a unique high-performance hardware encryption processor. This powerful device uses DES and triple DES, with keys up to 192 bits long, to transparently protect all communications between departments, sites, and individual users. You can communicate with confidence on open networks.

AccessPoint (Xedia)

Family of Internet access routers based on a purpose-built IP services architecture with the advanced quality of service, reliability, and security needed to build the new generation of value-added business Internet services.


Key Exchange Methods: Internet Key Exchange for IP Version 4. Signature mode using RSA Digital Certificates. Preshared Key Mode. IBM Tunnel Protocol. Manual Tunnels for IP Versions 4 and 6. Tunnel Types: ESP - Encapsulating Security Payload. AH - Authentication Header. Transport and Tunnel mode (end host or gateway configuration). Algorithms: DES - Data Encryption Standard. Triple DES. CDMF - 40 bit DES. Null encryption. MD5 - Message Digest 5. SHA1 - Secure Hash Algorithm 1. IKE Options: Main or Aggressive Mode. Diffie Hellman groups 1 and 2. Range of acceptable key lifetimes for responding. Predefined security policies. Quick Configuration panel. Packet Filtering: Accept or deny packets based on: IP address and subnet mask for IPV4 and IPV6. Interface, protocol and port numbers. inbound or outbound packets. forwarded or local packets. fragmented packets.

CeloCom for Citrix Metaframe (Celo Communications)

Fully transparent towards Citrix MetaFrame and enables full-strength encryption, e.g. 128-bit 3DES, RC4. CeloCom for Citrix also enables usage of certificates (X.509) for strong user-authentication, e.g. RSA keys up to 2048-bit. Below you can see how CeloCom for Citrix works.

CeloCom VPN (Celo Communications)

Enables the highest level of security, i.e. user authentication based on PKI, which protects VPN communications. With its complete PKI functionality for both telecommuters and workstations, CeloCom VPN satisfies the most stringent security demands of an organization. In other words, CeloCom VPN provides high-performance and secure connectivity, including X.509 certificates, strong authentication, full strength encryption, LDAP compliance and storing of digital IDs. In addition, CeloCom VPN is compatible with leading CAs, e.g. Verisign, and can easily be implemented in any existing VPN.

cIPro-client (Radguard)

A full service IPSec encryption package for remote users and telecommuters. It allows traveling business people or employees working from home to communicate securely with their corporate networks using any Windows 95/ 98/ NT communications software. The cIPro- client provides full IPSec encryption capabilities for any TCP/ IP application, over any LAN/ WAN media, using standard network interface cards (NICs).

cIPro-DMZ (Radguard)

A dual engine, IPSec/ IKE Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateway. It separates internal resources from public servers, creating two independent secure communications channels: one for corporate Intranets and another for Extranets with trusted and un- trusted partners. Communications within the internal system remain private to Intranet members while all information is encrypted and protected from unauthorized parties.

cIPro-HQ (Radguard)

A combined X. 509 enterprise certificate authority (CA) and IPSec/ IKE Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateway. It identifies, authenticates and certifies cIPro devices in a network to guarantee that only authorized sites can participate in VPN communications. cIPro- 5000 HQ also performs the complete array of IPSec/ IKE protection functions, giving companies the ability to use public backbones to connect their distant offices and traveling representatives into unified networking environments.

cIPro-VPN (Radguard)

A fully comprehensive VPN system. It provides hardware-based encryption and authentication high-performance with extremely low latency and absolute transparency. It enables the easy formation of intranets, extranets, multi- party VPNs and secured virtual private links to mobile users, while ensuring the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of data traveling across such networks. cIPro- 5000 comes with its own hardware- based certificate authority and is compatible with the IPSec and X.509 standards.

Cisco Secure VPN Client (Cicso Systems)

Provides Cisco customers with a best-in-class solution that supports the remote access VPN requirements for e-commerce, road warrior, and telecommuting applications. The Cisco Secure VPN Client provides Microsoft Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0 users with complete implementation of IPSec standards, including support for DES and Triple DES encryption and authentication with digital certificates, one-time password tokens, and pre-shared keys.

Conclave Dynamic VPN (Internet Dynamics)

Available in two versions: Conclave Policy Server and Conclave VPN. Conclave VPN shares many of the features of the Conclave Policy Server and includes VPN functionality as well as firewall, virus protection and content filtering.

ConSeal VPN (Signal 9 Solutions)

Turns the Internet into an ultra-secure private network. It combines Signal 9's core desktop technology with powerful private-key encryption and proprietary Unix-based server software. ConSeal VPN delivers remarkable server-to-server performance and reliability and - because it scales to fit organizational needs - is very affordable. With ConSeal VPN installed, employees, customers and suppliers have totally private global remote access to any authorized services on your company's internal office network. Corporations like Origin Software and TUV Corporation are already realizing major benefits with ConSeal VPN.

Cylink NetConneXion (Cylink)

Enhances connectivity by using the power of the Internet to extend the reach and security of enterprise networks. New from Cylink, it is ideally suited for Internet service providers, network service providers and large enterprises that want to gain a competitive advantage by providing security as a value-added offering. NetConneXion allows enterprise networks that use the Cisco High-Level Data Link Control (C-HDLC) protocol to securely internetwork across any combination of IP networks, creating a compelling opportunity for reducing the cost of data communications.

Cylink PrivateWire (Cylink)

A bundled package of security services geared for almost any electronic business need. It enables businesses to securely access customers, partners, markets and resources by protecting all TCP/IP communications. Through PrivateWire, organizations can increase their business reach, reduce telecommunication costs, and offer secure online services.

Cylink SecureDomain (Cylink)

A powerful platform that provides comprehensive security for multi-protocol enterprise networks. It enables hosts, domains, subnets and networks to communicate in a transparent and secure environment. SecureDomain extends enterprise networks in the most cost-effective manner without the security risks associated with shared public services such as the Internet.

Defensor (CyberSafe)

Designed to rapidly leverage an Entrust PKI. Defensor AppVPN provides secure end-to-end application communications, regardless of the network technology or the geographic location of the communicating parties. Defensor AppVPN is an Entrust-Ready product under the Entrust/PKI v5.0.

Entrust/Access (Entrust Technologies)

Provides a cost-effective solution for transparently and securely connecting remote users to your internal networks. Because Entrust/Access is Entrust-Ready™, it can leverage the power of the Entrust/PKI™ for an integrated and easy-to-manage solution for users seeking secure remote access to your organization's VPN.

Entrust/VPNConnector (Entrust Technologies)

A flexible solution for providing digital IDs for VPN gateways, remote access clients and routers from a wide range of industry leading vendors. Entrust/VPNConnector ensures security by allowing you to control your network, permitting access only to authenticated devices with legitimate and current digital IDs.

eTrust VPN (Computer Associates)

Designed for the enterprise, this comprehensive solution secures all Virtual Private Network (VPN) uses, including access by remote users, "safe-zones" within an intranet, and site-to-site communications over the Internet. eTrust VPN transparently secures all application traffic, centrally manages all servers, and provides detailed audit logs for comprehensive analysis through drill-down querying and reporting. Open and extensible, eTrust VPN works across any firewall, including proxy- and packet-based. With support for all authentication and authorization technologies, such as smart cards, tokens, biometric devices, and PKI infrastructures, eTrust VPN provides secure communications throughout your eBusiness.

Fiberlink LAN to LAN VPN (Fiberlink Communcations)

A turnkey VPN enabling companies to create secure communication access to mission-critical information with remote offices, business partners, clients, or suppliers anywhere in the world. Fiberlink uses the Internet to deliver guaranteed high performance, secure and scalable VPN solutions with significant savings over private networks.

Fiberlink Remote Access VPN (Fiberlink Communcations)

Secure local connections to more than 4,000 POPs around the world makes this solution ideal. With Fiberlink Global Remote your users receive the widest global reach, quality performance, robust security, world class management and monitoring, combined with cost savings of 30-80%.

FlowPoint Secure VPN and Firewall (FlowPoint)

Fly securely on the Internet with the FlowPointTM Secure VPN and Firewall option available on all FlowPointTM Routers. This software option combines a Virtual Private Network capability (FlowPointTM Secure VPN) and a highly secure firewall (FlowPointTM Firewall). Both capabilities can be used individually or jointly for added security and privacy.

F-Secure VPN (Data Fellows)

Provides the network manager with secure "tunnels" between corporate sites while still enabling access to external sites if wanted. It is best used together with a firewall giving total control over all corporate data traffic. F­Secure VPN is the SSH protocol based alternative for F-Secure VPN+ Gateway, the IPSec protocol based solution for LAN-to-LAN encryption. Network managers may choose not to implement the IPSec based solution e.g because of configuration changes needed in firewalls. In addition to LAN-to-LAN encryption F-Secure VPN+ offers end-to-end, any-to-any network encryption for workstations and servers.

F-Secure VPN+ (Data Fellows)

Transparent end-to-end network encryption with Framework-enabled F-Secure VPN+
F-Secure' Virtual Private Networking software, F-Secure VPN+ 4.1, now takes full advantage of F-Secure' F-Secure Framework.

Guardian Accelerator (NetGuard)

Provides privacy (56-bit DES, 168-bit Triple DES encryption), user authentication (ISO X.509 v.3 digital certificates), and key management (IKE) and includes all mandatory components of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) IP Security Standard (IPsec) for enhanced network security. There are two significant benefits to IPsec: enhanced security features and protocol interoperability. Customers can be certain that IP-based communications conform to the most secure and comprehensive standard for encryption, authentication, key management and anti-replay services.

Guardian NodeManager (NetGuard)

Lets network administrators manage encryption and authentication virtual private network (VPN) nodes from a single centralized location. Administrators can add Guardian VPN nodes and dial-in users to a secure VPN and customize the configuration parameters between specific subnets secured by the VPN. An intuitive graphical user interface allows easy set-up and tear-down of Guardian IPsec nodes, simplifying installation and control of VPN nodes from anywhere in the network, allowing quick creation and removal of secure extranets, intranets, and remote users, plus easy upgrades and troubleshooting of existing configurations. As a management tool, The IPSECure Guard NodeManager is complementary to the Guardian Firewall Manager. It can also interact with standard SNMP managers like HP OpenView¨ for monitoring, displaying statistics, and sending alarms.

Guardian VPN Client Software (NetGuard)

Runs on Windows¨ 95, Windows¨ 98 or Windows NT¨ 4.0. With the Guardian VPN Client Software, remote users (such as mobile employees and telecommuters) can securely access corporate resources using either public networks or existing corporate dial-up facilities. Like the IPSECure Guard IPsec Card, Guardian VPN Client Software follows the IETF IPSec security standards, using full 40-bit/56-bit DES and 168-bit Triple DES encryption, X.509 v.3 Digital Certificate Authentication, and Internet Key Exchange (IKE) for key management.

HP eFirewall w/VPN (Hewlett-Packard)

In a partnership with AXENT Technologies, HP offers the Raptor Firewall for HP-UX, Windows NT®, and Solaris platforms.

HP Praesidium Extranet VPN (Hewlett-Packard)

In a partnership with Aventail Corporation, HP offers the Extranet VPN, which secures communications between third-party users and a company's internal network, with user-based authentication and strong encryption of information sent over the Internet. With the addition of Aventail's solution to the Praesidium product line, businesses can more safely and cost-effectively conduct transactions and share confidential information over the Internet with customers, strategic partners and employees.

HP IPSec/9000 (Hewlett-Packard)

Provides secure and private communication both over the Internet and within the enterprise without the need to modify existing applications. Along with authentication, data integrity, and data privacy, IPSec/9000 offers protection against spoofing and packet tampering. This VPN capability is provided at no charge on HP-UX 11.0.

IBM 2210 Nways Multiprotocol Router (IBM)

Provides serious network computing solutions for a range of applications. This family of routers offers connectivity and protocol support to work with everything from a 2-client local area network (LAN) to a 1000-user TCP/IP-based wide area network (WAN).

IBM 2212 Access Utility (IBM)

A branch office in a box. Now it's easy to connect local area networks (LANs) to your mobile workforce via remote LANs, or branch offices to the Internet or to company backbone, using advanced multiprotocol virtual private networks (VPNs). The IBM 2212 Access Utility provides both cost-effective computing across a broad range of remote locations, as well as the flexibility to grow in meeting tomorrow's networking needs.

IBM 2216 Nways Multiaccess Connector (IBM)

Delivers wide-area-network (WAN) access, S/390 host access and remote site concentration. When combined with the Nways Multiprotocol Access Services (MAS) software, the 2216 Nways Multiaccess Connector helps reduce the cost of computing through increased network performance and operations efficiencies.

INTERNETpro Small Enterprise Server (Internet Appliance)

An affordable, plug and play VPN Appliance™ the INTERNETpro SES provides WAN/LAN connectivity, Internet and Firewall security, Web caching, internal and Internet e-Mail, shared Internet access, Web publishing, URL Blocking with Dynamic Content Screening and many other popular Internet services to every desktop.

IntraVerse Application VPN (Dascom)

Securely tunnels client/server TCP/IP communications through public networks such as the Internet. IntraVerse allows you to set access controls to enforce user authentication or data encryption of tunnel traffic, providing application-level access control for any native TCP/IP client/server application, for example, telnet, ftp, nfs, Oracle®, or PeopleSoft®. 

KyberDIAL Client Software (KyberPASS)

A 32-Bit client application, which is compatible with Windows 95™, Windows 98™ and Windows NT™ V4.0 Remote Access Service (RAS) dialers in both function and operation. It provides functions for the creation, modification and deletion of connection definitions and is fully compatible with existing definitions. It provides for the initiation, monitoring and termination of dial-up connections.

KyberPASS Security Server (KyberPASS)

An Internetworking Security and Policy Management system (ISPM) and is the heart of the KyberPASS™ software suite. This software-based proxy server uses public/private key encryption technology to strongly authenticate users before creating a dynamic Virtual Private Network (VPN) between the user's workstation and enterprise servers. All data packets transferred between the client workstation and the server can be encrypted and digitally signed ensuring privacy and integrity of information across non-secure public networks.

KyberWIN Client Software (KyberPASS)

An easy to install transparent desktop application that works in conjunction with the KyberPASS™ Security Server to enable secure and authenticated connection to enterprise servers over public networks. KyberWIN™ acts as middleware between the network application and the network operating system, automatically making the application PKI enabled. Any legacy application or commercial off the shelf software which implements the TCP/IP protocol is enabled for PKI by KyberWIN™


An add-on component to the KyberPASS™ Security Server software. It provides a server to server authentication and encryption solution useful for transmitting large volumes of data securely and privately between multiple locations. When KyberXPRESS™ is installed along with the KyberPASS™ Security Server, it facilitates the client digital signature and encryption services in a way similar to the KyberWIN™ Client software on a workstation. KyberXPRESS™ can be used to create Partner and Extranet Virtual Private Networks.

Luna VPN (Chrysalis-ITS)

Luna VPN cryptographic accelerator boards help companies overcome performance bottlenecks. The secure, high-performance LunaVPN provides cryptographic processing at wireline speeds, freeing the router or firewall to perform other critical tasks while eliminating congestion in virtual private networks.

NetFortress (Fortress Technologies)

A simple solution to inexpensively secure communications among corporate headquarters, remote offices and mobile users over the Internet or other IP network.   This "plug and play" solution provides encryption, authentication, integrity checking, and true network line speed performance from T1 to T3.

NetFortress Plus (Fortress Technologies)

Provides a complete networking based security solution for small and medium enterprises, branch offices of large corporations and home offices (SOHO).  A single unit includes virtual private networking (VPN), IP router, IPX over IP router, firewall, network address translation (NAT), DHCP support, and dial backup. 

NetSwift-1000 (Rainbow Technologies)

A PCI card that provides cryptographic processing and acceleration for public-key and bulk data cryptographic algorithms for original manufacturers of firewall, routing and switching equipment. Suitable for use with equipment supporting data rates up to T3, NetSwift-1000 provides the greatest performance value. NetSwift supports all of the mandatory algorithms used to implement the IPSec standard for providing Internet Protocol security, including PPTP and L2TP.

NetScreen-5 (NetScreen Technologies)

This high-performance security appliance integrates a firewall, VPN, and traffic shaping in a single unit for small offices and telecommuters.

NetScreen-10 (NetScreen Technologies)

Supports wireline performance for critical VPN functions and sets the standard for VPN solutions. IPSec Compatible - Inter-operability With Other Vendor Devices. IKE Key Management - Secure Key Exchange. DES and Triple DES - Highest Level of Encryption.

NetScreen-100 (NetScreen Technologies)

Network Address Translation (NAT) - Hide Inside IP addressing. Transparent Mode- Insivible to network devices. Dynamic Filter - Protect Network Service. User Authentication - Authorized Access Only, Web, Radius & Secure ID. IPSec Compatible - Inter-operability With Other Vendor Devices. IKE Key Management - Secure Key Exchange. DES and Triple DES - Highest Level of Encryption. Strong Authentication- MD5, SHA-1.

NetScreen Global (NetScreen Technologies)

Central security management for up to 1000 devices. Secure configuration. Monitoring. Reporting.

NetScreen Remote (NetScreen Technologies)

Windows 95, 98, NT VPN client. Secure remote access. IPSec compatible. Policy-based.

Newbridge 130 Secure VPN Client (TimeStep)

A component of the TimeStep Secure VPN Solution from Newbridge Networks, allows remote users to remain securely connected to their corporate LAN anytime, anywhere. With one-click installation, network administrators can quickly add remote users to their secure VPN. The 130 secures network traffic for a single workstation running Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0. It supports multiple IPSec tunneling modes for different connection types as well as two-factor extended authentication with any RADIUS-based authentication server or Entrust-ready PC cards or smart cards.  

Newbridge 230 Series Secure VPN Gateways (TimeStep)

Newbridge 232 2 Mbps 25 SOHO & telecommuters: cable modems and DSL. Newbridge 233 4 Mbps 500 Branch office & remote access: T1/ E1. Newbridge 234 10 Mbps 1000 Corporate, large branch office, & remote access: Ethernet. Newbridge 237 70 Mbps 2000 High bandwidth & remote access: T3 & Fast Ethernet.

Norman Security Server (Norman Data Defense Systems)

Secures networks against unauthorized access from both internal and external sources and will improve the level of data security for a security minded company. The Norman Security Server is available for both Windows NT and Novell NetWare.

OneGate 150 Internet Server Aplliance (FreeGate)

Delivers a secure, cost-effective Internet access solution for organizations with 2 to 50 users. 

OneGate 550 Internet Server Aplliance (FreeGate)

An all-in-one Internet Frame Relay branch office appliance that offers comprehensive, aggressively priced functionality aimed specifically at branch locations linked to corporate resources over a Frame Relay network. The OneGate 550FR is ideal for organizations deploying Frame Relay Permanent Virtual Circuit (PVC) services at multiple sites, as well as for linking those locations together via Frame Relay networks.

OneGate 1000 Internet Server Aplliance (FreeGate)

Delivers a secure, cost-effective Internet access solution for organizations with 25 to 250 concurrent users.

PathBuilder S400 WAN Convergence Switch (3Com)

Both voice and data carried over the VPN.

PathBuilder S500 Tunnel Switch (3Com)

Graphical system for monitoring tunnels, including session statistics, QoS, security breaches, and potential faults. ICSA-certified firewalls, NAT, IPSec, and MPPE. Authentication is supported through RADIUS, EAP, and LDAP client.

Personal Ravlin (Global Technologies Group)

Addresses the needs of individual remote users who access corporations via cable, xDSL, and ISDN modems. The Personal Ravlin is a single-user hardware client that provides full IPSec Virtual Private Network (VPN) capability in a small form factor (can fit in the palm of your hand). Security administrators can deploy the Personal Ravlin in a number of ways: within a corporate LAN; behind a cable, ISDN, or xDSL modem; or behind an access router connected to a full-duplex T1/E1 wide-area network (WAN) circuit. The Personal Ravlin can be configured by the administrator to support either a single tunnel or multiple simultaneous tunnels.

PGP VPN Client (PGP)

Provides full-featured communication security. The PGP VPN client is an easy-to-use encryption application that allows you to communicate securely and economically with other IPSec compliant VPN products. It is a standards based product using the IETF IPSec and IKE protocols. The privacy, integrity and authenticity of information sent from a PGP VPN Client host to a secure host, gateway or subnet is maintained. PGP VPN Client empowers you to send data securely across the Internet and other untrusted networks.

PowerVPN with RaptorMobile (Axent Technologies)

Provides the ability to securely extend the corporate perimeter beyond the corporate firewall. Through its two components, PowerVPN Server and RaptorMobile, it enables inexpensive and secure connections by remote users, branch offices and third parties, to applications and data within a corporate network. With PowerVPN, network managers can control, screen and granularly define where and what information a remote user or partner is allowed to access.

Lasat SafePipe 50 (Lasat Networks)

A compact, user friendly VPN product combining hardware encryption and compression, utilizing LASAT Networks EDHC technology. It has advanced built-in routing features and firewall security and provides the highest level of security via strong 3-DES encryption and authentication.

Lasat SafePipe 100 (Lasat Networks)

Complete stand-alone IPSec hardware solution for Virtual Private Networking. LASAT SafePipe™ 100 is a compact, user friendly VPN product combining hardware encryption and compression, utilizing LASAT Networks EDHC technology. It has advanced built-in routing features and firewall security and provides the highest level of security via strong 3-DES encryption and authentication.

Lasat VPN Client (Lasat Networks)

Allows travelling business people or employees working from home to communicate securely and transparently with their corporate networks using Windows 95/98 or NT. Whether browsing your e-mail from home, accessing corporate network services or carrying out a business transaction over the Internet, the LASAT VPN Client software guarantees the highest level of data security. The software is easy to use for laptop and desktop PC's and allows mobile users to call a local ISP number, instead of a long distance number.  

Lucent VPN Gateway (Lucent Technologies)

The Lucent VPN Gateway provides secure Internet connectivity for intranet, extranet, and remote access virtual private networks (VPNs). Unlike VPN products that include makeshift security functions, the Lucent VPN Gateway is built on our Lucent Managed Firewall, a state-of-the-art, NSA-certified hybrid firewall. This gives you maximum VPN security, scalability, and speed.

RapidStream 2000 (RapidStream)

The RapidStrea Multi-Function Security Appliance product family supports the following: High performance - Using a Network Security Processor developed by RapidStream (called  RapidCore™), the RapidStream Mutli-function Security Appliance Family supports simultaneous enforcement of firewall, VPN/encryption, QoS, and NAT policies at throughputs up to 400 Mbps. Range of applications - The RapidStream Security Appliance product family provides solutions for all parts of the network infrastructure including intranets, remote sites, and within Service Provider networks. Assured performance/WAN optimization - The RapidCore architecture enables throughputs to support WAN/cable modem links (DSL, FT1, T1, multiple T1s, and DS3) at wire-speed, regardless of what types of security polices are being enforced. In addition to the assurance that the WAN link can be fully utilized, QOS policies can be defined to assign higher priority to traffic. Low latency - The RapidCore architecture enforces security policies with minimal delay (microseconds vs. milliseconds). This is particularly important to delay-sensitive applications, such as voice and video.

Ravlin 10/5100 (Global Technologies Group)

Performs encryption and decryption of the theoretical maximum of Ethernet. Network administrators use it to establish private communications within secure intranets (between corporate divisions, workgroups, branch offices, and individuals) or within secure extranets (between customers, suppliers, and strategic partners.) Provides data privacy using industry-standard 56-bit DES and 168-bit Triple DES encryption. Authentication and access control are provided using DSS (Digital Signature Standard), Diffe-Hellman key exchange, X.509 v.3 digital certificates, and ISAKMP/Oakley key management. These security standards are part of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) IP Security Standard (IPSec). The Ravlin10/5100 maintains the theoretical maximum of Ethernet (or "wire" speed) through the use of RedCreek CryptoCoreTM technology.

Ravlin 3200 (Global Technologies Group)

Performs encryption and decryption of the theoretical maximum of Ethernet. Network administrators use it to establish private communications within secure intranets (between corporate divisions, workgroups, branch offices, and individuals) or within secure extranets (between customers, suppliers, and strategic partners.)

Ravlin 7100 (Global Technologies Group)

Implements all the mandatory components of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) IP Security Standard (IPSec) standard for enhanced network security. Provides data privacy using industry-standard 56-bit Data Encryption Standard (DES) and 168-bit Triple DES encryption. Authentication and access control are provided using DSS (Digital Signature Standard), Diffie-Hellman key exchange, X.509 v.3 digital certificates, and IKE key management. Using RavlinNodeManager, the Ravlin 7100 firmware gives the network administrator or security manager a choice of several secure VPN operational modes.

RavlinSoft (Global Technologies Group)

Client software tool that provides the same security as a Ravlin hardware unit. Remote users such as mobile employees and telecommuters can securely access corporate resources through either public networks or existing corporate dial-up facilities. Provides privacy (56-bit DES, 168-bit Triple DES encryption), user authentication (ISO X.509 v.3 digital certificates), and key management (IKE).

RiverWorks (Indus River Networks)

A complete hardware and software solution for building remote access and site-to-site VPNs. RiverWorks is the only VPN solution that automates client software installation, synchronizes user updates, determines least cost Internet access, diagnoses connection faults, monitors traffic, enforces policies, and simplifies user operations.

S9500 Security Appliance (Netopia)

A high performance Firewall with integrated IPSec VPN and traffic shaping capabilities. Designed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses, the S9500 is a cost-effective solution for securing local area networks (LANs). The S9500 features high powered hardware-based performance that is capable of screening 4000 concurrent firewall sessions at 10 Mbps while supporting 200 concurrent 3DES encryption operations.

SafeGuard VPN (Utimaco Safeware Systems)

Can be activated automatically on a workstation by a successful log-on. It is possible to configure SafeGuard VPN on the server or network, so that the program will also run reliably without the intervention of the administrator even after an interruption, e.g. a power cut. Using the clustering feature, SafeGuard VPN enables an optimal distribution of network activities on several computers under windows operating systems. Thus, SafeGuard VPN offers a very inexpensive solution especially when transmitting large volumes of data.

SafeNet/Enterprise Manager (IRE)

Accommodates unlimited number of users. Provides all VPN management, policy, and database functionality. Features hot backup and automatic failover capabilities. Eliminates all single points of failure. Features multiple entry points for configuring and deploying  policy.

SafeNet/Security Center (IRE)

Recommended for VPN applications of up to 5,000 users and provides all VPN management, policy, and database functionality. This powerful system provides all required VPN management functionality, including database services, certificate services, and real-time network authorization services. The easy-to-use graphical user interface allows users to define, administer, and monitor network security policy.  There are 2 additional SafeNet/Security Centers - S/SC with Redundancy and S/SC Enterprise Manager.

SafeNet/Smart (IRE)

Supports dial-up and network (on-LAN) connections. Support for Windows 95, 98, and NT. IPSec compliant. Available in a PC Card (PCMCIA) version for laptop users and a serial port version for desktops. X509 v.3 certificates and user authentication keys secured and maintained on the smartcard for an added level of security.

SafeNet/Soft (IRE)

Supports dial-up and network (on-LAN) connections. Support for Windows 95, 98, and NT. IPSec compliant.

SafeNet/Speed (IRE)

Provides users a scalable, upgradable architecture to meet the evolving performance, security, and multi-vendor compatibility requirements for site-to-site and remote access VPN applications. SafeNet/Speed features the SafeNet DSPTM "Internet Security System on a Chip," jointly developed by IRE and Analog Devices, Inc., which combines high performance with the industry’s strongest encryption and authentication schemes for tunneling data securely across the Internet or private TCP/IP networks. 

SafeNet VPN Policy Manager (IRE)

Provides a scaleable and flexible way to get large quantities of clients installed with their appropriate policy files.  The "locked" policy files can be transported to a web server for download by all the users within a company, written to CDs, or zipped as an  email attachment.  Similarly, for large customers who want to install from CDs, the SafeNet/VPN Policy Manager can be used to create the customized install before making a production run of CDs.

SecureCom 8001 Secure Internet Appliance (

Allows customers a complete security solution in a small form factor utilizing best-of-breed software from ODS Networks and Check Point Software. SecureCom is the only Internet security appliance that provides a low cost, ease-of-use security appliance. Engineered to provide secure Internet connectivity, the SecureCom includes routing, LAN/WAN connectivity, remote configuration and up to 4 DMZ connections. SecureCom comes pre-configured or as a stand-alone gateway. ODS Networks offers SecureCom in a variety of security bundles for firewall protection depending on the amount of users. These bundled configurations are engineered specifically for security professionals, ISP's, consultants and administrators for securing corporate information.

Shiva LANRover VPN Suite (Intel)

The LanRover VPN Gateway and LanRover VPN Express connect employees, customers, business partners and corporate systems in a complete, end-to-end virtual private networking (VPN) solution. Businesses can take advantage of the LanRover VPN Suite to achieve a unique combination of powerful, inexpensive Internet-based business access and data privacy.

Shiva VPN Client (Intel)

Provides your remote employees and partners with a transparent, secure way to leverage the Internet for cost-effective access to your corporate networks. Shiva VPN Client software works with the LanRover VPN Gateway™ to give Windows 95/NT clients confidential, authenticated communications with other users, servers and networks. By augmenting and interoperating with direct-dial and leased-line connections, including Shiva’s full line of business access products, the Shiva VPN Client increases the value of your investments in existing network architecture.

SmartGate VPN (V-ONE)

SmartPass Client (License Agreement) - installs on a remote user’s desktop to provide VPN connection services to the SmartGate server. It manages user authentication by interfacing with a variety of tokens, including V-ONE’s integrated digital token. Successful authentication initiates a DES or 3DES encrypted data session with the SmartGate server. SmartGate Server (License Agreement) –  integrates into the Internet perimeter security environment. It manages authentication token deployment and registration, session authentication, user connection privileges to network applications, and event logging. The SmartGate server has an integrated user database or interfaces with third-party authentication systems. 

SnareWorks for OS/390 (Intellisoft)

Well suited for customers that need network access to mission-critical data residing on the mainframe without compromising the integrity and privacy of that information. Due to its transparent design, the SnareWorks Tunnel enables companies to deploy it without disrupting or developing new code for existing mainframe applications. Working in concert with a SnareWorks Gateway, the mainframe can now participate in the distributed security framework the same way as other desktops and UNIX servers.

SRAN (Danu Industires)

Can be used: To protect IP-traffic inside a corporate VPN infrastructure using a public network e.g. the Internet for data exchange. To create secure workgroups within a corporate network.
To filter incoming and outgoing traffic according to specified IP addresses, protocols and ports.

Trusted Client (TrustWorks Systems)

Protects personal computers against unauthorised access from a network. And it provides user-to-application security for all local, remote and mobile user communications, by establishing an encrypted connection to all authorised application resources.

Trusted Server (TrustWorks Systems)

Protects local resources on a server (eg: databases, applications and websites). It protects servers against unauthorised network access, and provides security encrypted IP connections to a variety of network services (including e-commerce transactions).

UUsecure VPN (UUNET)

Low cost alternative.

Virtual Tunnel (Internet Appliance)

A powerful Virtual Private Networking (VPN) client application that provides secure communications over the public Internet network. It's the ideal security solution for corporate remote users, such as mobile employees, travelling sales personnel or telecommuters, as well as business partners and suppliers who want to benefit immediately by communicating and sharing information.

VPN (Ashley Laurent)

Standard Edition Features: Hot Plug PCMCIA/Docking Stations; Works with any ISP; Supports Dynamic Address changes and access to multiple Branch offices without rebooting; Dynamic Policy Exchange; Automatic configuration and key re-negotiation; Supports MS Networking with full Network Neighborhood Browsing; Integrates with existing DHCP servers.

VPN-1 Accelerator Card (Check Point Software Technologies)

A hardware-based cryptographic accelerator developed by Chrysalis-ITS. The VPN-1 Accelerator Card delivers high-performance Virtual Private Networking for users of Check Point Software's market-leading VPN-1 GatewayTM solution. A fully plug-and-play solution, the Accelerator Card provides kernel-level integration with VPN-1 to perform the processor-intensive cryptographic operations required by IKE IPSec.

VPN-1 Appliance (Check Point Software Technologies)

Allows organizations to deploy virtual private networks (VPNs) to protect the privacy and integrity of business communications over the Internet. In addition, VPN-1 Appliance protects internal network resources from external threats with Check Point Software’s complete enterprise security suite. And with centralized management, on-site security expertise is not required to define and manage a comprehensive security policy.

VPN-1 Certificate Manager (Check Point Software Technologies)

Integrates best-of-breed technologies into a complete PKI and user management solution. The Certificate Authority (CA) from Entrust Technologies provides comprehensive key lifecycle management. The LDAP-compliant directory from Netscape Communications stores the X.509 digital certificates for all VPN nodes, as well as the Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs). Check Point Software has pre-configured these industry-leading technologies specifically for VPN-1, and integrated them with a unified installation and management interface.

VPN-1 Gateway (Check Point Software Technologies)

A tightly integrated software solution combining the market-leading FireWall-1® security suite with sophisticated VPN technologies. The cornerstone of Check Point’s Secure Virtual Network architecture, VPN-1 Gateway meets the demanding requirements of Internet, intranet, and extranet VPNs by providing secure connectivity to corporate networks, remote and mobile users, satellite offices, and key partners. VPN-1 Gateway software may be deployed on a range of platforms for maximum flexibility and scalability.

VPN-1 SecureClient (Check Point Software Technologies)

Adds powerful client security features such as access control and security configuration control. VPN-1 SecureClient strengthens the security of the entire corporate network by ensuring that intruders--such as users on shared outside networks--cannot take advantage of an insecure remote client machine to hijack an existing VPN connection into the corporate network. VPN-1 SecureClient also provides the ability to automatically verify that users' machines across the extended enterprise are configured securely.

VPN-1 SecuRemote(Check Point Software Technologies)

Provides flexible VPN support for both remote and local users. Using VPN-1 SecuRemote, remote users can connect to their corporate gateways via Internet connections and establish secure VPN sessions to access sensitive network resources. When installed on LAN clients, VPN-1 SecuRemote establishes "Intranet VPN" connections to either critical application servers or internal VPN gateways. Whether internal or remote access, the VPN client transparently encrypts and authenticates critical data to protect against eavesdropping and malicious data tampering.

VPN-1 SecureServer (Check Point Software Technologies)

Provides VPN-1 Gateway protection for a single application server. Like FireWall-1 SecureServer, VPN-1 SecureServer protects sensitive application servers against attacks or unauthorized access, while also enabling clients to establish authenticated encrypted connections to the server. VPN-1 SecureServer installations are administered within Check Point’s centralized policy management and distributed deployment framework.

VPN200 Series (Check Point Software Technologies)

A family of VPN appliances which provide a simple and cost-effective way to deploy a Virtual Private Network (VPN) as an integrated part of the networking infrastructure for Internet Service Providers and corporate users. Every regional location has a secure, private connection to all other locations. In addition, unlike other VPN products, every location has a fully firewalled local connection to the Internet.

VPNware VPNmanager Family (VPNet Technologies)

From a single PC or workstation, you assign network users to one or more groups, and you integrate local and remote groups into VPNs. It's all much simpler than configuring individual devices, like routers and firewalls, one at a time. With our VPN-centric management, you can manage security policies, remote access profiles, and network address translation from a single interface. You monitor and control global enterprises, VPNs, work groups, and equipment. Manage multiple VSUs and VPNremote™ clients. Save time with the Dyna-Policy™ feature, which automatically updates remote user's configuration and policy when they log on. Receive alarm reports and statistics to respond fast to hardware, network, and security problems.

VPNware VPNremote Client Software (VPNet Technologies)

Connect to headquarters with a local call from anywhere. Just install the software on any PC running Windows™ 95/98 or Windows NT®. Then you can securely connect over a public IP network to all other VPNware Service Units. Using IPSec security technology, the software encrypts, authenticates, and compresses VPN data. The application lets remote personnel use public IP networks for low-cost, secure access to internal IP-based applications.

VPNware VSU-10 (VPNet Technologies)

A dedicated, high-performance building block for implementing flexible, cost-efficient virtual private networks (VPNs). The unit gives you Triple DES¹ encryption, the highest-level of security available, at a full 8 Mbps rate while maintaining 10 Mbps wire speed throughput of non-VPN traffic. It has real-time packet compression that supplies dramatically higher throughput on both the LAN and WAN. Advanced features in the VSU-10 include support for ISAKMP key management and a comprehensive Network Address Translation (NAT) package. With VPNremote™ Client Software, the VSU-10 is integral to VPNs that provide site-to-site and remote access intranets and extranets.

VPNware VSU-1000 (VPNet Technologies)

With the standalone VSU-1000 service unit, you add security and authentication to IP applications over frame relay and leased lines. You benefit from the features of compression, encryption, authentication, and key management. And you experience high performance, scalability, and interoperability.

VPNware VSU-1010 (VPNet Technologies)

Supports over 600 simultaneous remote users or VPNs. But, for larger installations with up to 65,000 users², the VSU-1010 can retrieve VPN policy dynamically from a standard RADIUS server. RADIUS also enables additional password authentication of VPNremote™ Client users. And with support for Security Dynamics ACE Server™ Access Manager, you can employ SecurID™ tokens for added security of two-factor authentication using convenient one-time passwords.

VPNware VSU-1100 (VPNet Technologies)

Offers the performance, features, and scalability to support large-scale enterprises and VPN managed services. As a member of the turnkey family of VPNware Systems, the VSU-1100 is the only IPSec-compliant VPN solution with a multi-processor architecture that maintains wire-speed performance and provides remote access scalability to 5,000 simultaneous users.

VPNware VSU-1200 (VPNet Technologies)

Has redundant power supplies. If one fails, the second power supply instantly takes over, without disrupting the operation of the unit. Concurrently, an alarm shows on the VPNmanager, and, on the system front panel, a fault light turns on as a message appears on the LCD display. Also, system reliability is increased with N+1 redundancy of the main cooling system: So a failure of any fan does not prevent the safe operation of the unit. And, you can see the operating status of each power supply and fan unit on the front panel LCD or the VPNmanager.

VTCP (infoExpress)

VTCP is a remote access VPN that securely extends the corporate network to remote users over the Internet. The software creates a tunnel between the remote user's PC that protects data through encryption, authentication, and authorization.

WatchGuard Live Security System (WatchGuard Technologies)

Combines an innovative security broadcast service with advanced security technology. Provides Internet Security and VPN for every office.

WebTrends for Firewalls and VPNs (WebTrends)

Manages, monitors, and reports on firewall activity - in real time - so users can react to and understand the impact on security and network traffic. It supports leading firewall and proxy servers, and offers the comprehensive reports, robustness, and usability WebTrends products are famous for.